George Jung





Based on a true story, Blow chronicles the high-speed rise and fall of George Jung (Johnny Depp), who became the largest importer of Colombian cocaine to the United States, forever changing the face of drugs in America. Set in the decadent 70's and 80's, Blow traces Jung's partnership with Pablo Escobar, one of the most infamous and dangerous drug lords in history.

Director: Ted Demme

Cast: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Franka Potente, Rachel Griffiths, Paul Reubens, Ray Liotta

Awards & Nominations:

Excellence for Costume Design for Film - Period/Fantasy: Mark Bridges (Nominated)

Crystal Globe Award: Ted Demme (Nominated)

Breakthrough Female Performance: Penelope Cruz (Nominated)

Worst Actress: Penelope Cruz (Nominated)

WSA Best Original Score of the Year Not Released on an Album: Graeme Revell (Nominated)


(Compiled by Donna, Vicky and Patricia)

Quotes from Johnny Depp:

"I hope the audience is able to understand to some degree what George went through and why he made the decisions he made and why he became what he became. A lot has to do with the conditioning he went through as a kid. He became everything he didn't want to become. He became his parents. And I hope that people will be able to watch and learn from it. I hope kids will. We've all gone through the whole thing of thinking that drugs are just party time. You can sort of live that lie that it is recreational, but it's not. We're trying to hide from something, trying to mask something, trying to numb ourselves from something. Really, getting loaded to that extent is just postponing the inevitable, which is you are going to have to face the demon someday. You're gonna have to look him in the eye and go, 'Okay, let's get through this.'"
--Johnny Depp

"George Jung is a lot of things. He's a complicated guy. But first and foremost - what I was really happy to find our - was he is just as human as can be. There is no evil. There is no malice in him. He's not greedy. He's just a good man who recognized his mistakes and has to live with his sort of devastation every day. I saw a strong guy when I met him. He's very strong, kind of ironic, funny, broken man. My opinion is that George Jung has served his time and paid his debt to society. He's not doing anyone any good rotting away in a prison cell. The guy is rehabilitated. And I'm not sure the system rehabilitated him. I think he rehabilitated himself based on the hideous thoughts he's had to live with and realities he has had to deal with. I think he has paid his debt to society. I think he could do much more good on the outside. He's doing work with the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program right now. He could, potentially, go on the road with DARE and teach kids the dangers of drugs. And he could also pay his debt to his daughter and try to give her a father."
--Johnny Depp

"You'd have to really work at it to say this guy's a criminal or that this is a bad guy, he's really charming and funny, really a man, you know? He's doing his time, not whining about it. That's what I really wanted to get across playing George. I saw him as a victim. George has plenty to contribute to society. He's not doing anybody any good in prison."
--Johnny Depp
Film Force: The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

"I remember in that red leisure suit I sort of felt like a Pizza Hut employee, and the white one was the ultimate, with the white turtleneck collar, that was the ultimate in bad taste."
--Johnny Depp

Quotes from others:

"When I finally got a script that I was happy with, I went and tracked Johnny down in Europe (cause you kind of have to go find him). From my perspective, I wanted an actor to give me George Jung. I didn't want a movie star to come in and star in Blow. I really wanted the guy to be George. Johnny has done that on every film."
--Ted Demme
Blow 'Counting Down' Interview

"When you hire Johnny Depp as an actor ... if you're looking for an actor to stand on the mark and do your lines for you, you're asking the wrong guy, because he's such a smart filmmaker. Johnny Depp is also a chameleon. He, in my opinion, has never done the same performance twice. If you put Donnie Brasco and Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood in the same room, and you told me that they were the same guy, I'd be hard-pressed to believe you. I knew that I wanted someone to transform into George. I didn't want a star playing a role in Blow, I wanted this guy to really wear the wigs and talk the talk and do the whole thing. Johnny's one of the few guys, I think, in his generation that is willing to dirty himself up, if you know what I mean, to play a role. He brings all that, plus just the talent that all you guys know. He's a great actor, but his dedication is something that really, really impressed me a lot."
--Ted Demme

"Johnny literally blew my mind. It was me. He became me. I told him jokingly that one is the number, and two is the one. He portrayed me, and he literally became me, his voice, his actions, his mannerisms, everything. Totally. It's almost frightening."
--George Jung
Blow DVD

"Yeah, George saw the movie. I showed him the rough cut. He was absolutely flipped out by Johnny. He had never seen a movie that Johnny had been in, and Johnny nailed him to a tee. The way he talks out of the side of his moth, the way he walks with ass tucked in, the way he smokes, everything. Johnny went and spent a lot of time with him. So yeah, we were in a lawyer's holding room, very small, and we had 14" TV with a VCR built into it. So it was me, the warden, George, a guard, and my assistant in this tiny little room. In the last half hour of the movie George went for a Kleenex, and I knew we were in trouble. He just broke down and cried like a baby. Then I was crying, my assistant was crying, the warden was crying, and the guard was crying but trying to cover it up and act cool. I think he really liked it a lot."
--Ted Demme
Blow 'Counting Down' Interview

"He has an amazing heart. Johnny is so special that he is like a Martian. In fact, that's what I call him - Martian."
--Penelope Cruz

"Johnny is the funniest man. I don't think people know this, but he is always the joker."
--Penelope Cruz