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Sy Lerner (Seymour Cassel) is the quintessential movie producer when he makes a bet that he can take any kid off the street and turn him into a superstar overnight using the universal language of the festival: hype. He meets Frank Rhinoslavsky (Francesco Quinn) and turns him into 'Frank Rhino, one of the hottest screenwriters to hit Cannes since Faulkner and Hemingway.' It's not long before celebrities and producers are lining up to meet this hot young star.

Director: Richard Martini

Cast: Seymour Cassel, Francesco Quinn, Johnny Depp, Jim Jarmusch, Rebecca Broussard, Treat Williams, (plus many more famous-name cameos)

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Quotes from Johnny Depp:

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Quotes from others:

"How did all these people get in the movie? Well it's kinda unique because I looked at the format that they had created to get the actors to sign over and I was shocked at what it said there. It said, basically we can put your name above the title, we own all rights to your image blah, blah, blah. Whoever came up with that, Tom, was a genius because basically it really gave the film company all of the rights on these people and most of them were drunk and they signed it. Peter Gallagher is the only persons name not on it because he read what he was signing and crossed his name out, 'no name in the credits' everybody else didn't read that section."
--Rich Martini
Cannes Man dvd extras

"Johnny Depp appeared in this film because Francesco Quinn (Frank Rhino) and him were both in Platoon and they've remained friends over the years and ultimately that's how he became involved"
--Rich Martini
Cannes Man dvd extras