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I love this (Facebook) page! No drama and only the facts. I love all you do and you truly do honor Johnny. I rather visit this page than any other because I know I get the truth and no fillers of nonsense.
--Cookie, July 2012

I'm just writing to let you folks know that I'm in love with your website I've been a fan for over 17 years now and I've been searching for a perfect fansite for a while. This one is just the best there is, keep up all the good work.
--Noucha , June 2012

I want to thank you for keeping Depp Impact a place that we can visit that will have higher values than most... There is not enough of that sort of elegance left in the world, and it's an elegance that is personified by Johnny, himself. Thank you!
--Nancy, January 2012

Thank you for giving us this site and maintaining it so well. Here is where rumors are squashed and facts are shared. I like this site so much because it has the welfare of Johnny, Vanessa and their children at heart. Don't we all need a champion, no matter who we are!
--Patricia, January 2012

Your website is like the greatest discovery I've ever made! There are some really rare photoshoots I was looking for for months, Thank you so much.
--Imene, January 2012

I love Depp Impact, on Facebook, the site and the people on the forum. I have been a part of it for well over 10 years now. I admit I look at some of the others, but if I want the bottom line, or want to ask a question or contribute a comment here is where I come. You guys do a great Job. Thank you so much.
--Sparrowsweetie, August 2011

You are doing a great job with the site. It keeps improving everytime I visit it. I just wrote this so that you know that there are people who really appreciate your effort and love the site. Thanks for what you do for us.
--Panos, March, 2011

The Depp Impact site is awesome. I check it every day and because of it I got to see him on David Letterman and got his autograph outside. If it wasnt for the site letting me know he was going to be there I would have missed the opportunity. Thanks Depp Impact. I'm a fan for life... of yours and Johnny's.
--Angela, December 2010

That's why I love Depp Impact, you don't get tabloid bullcrap. It gives you facts, awesome pics, movies Johnny is doing, and so on. Depp Impact is a tasteful place to check out. It doesn't repeat "rumors".
--Colleen, December 2010

I just wanted to say as a fellow Johnny Depp fan, I truly appreciate this website! I have it on my favorites and I have been visiting it for around 5 or 6 years now! I wanted to send this email to show my appreciation and say thanks for a great site! Keep it up.
--Mayia, October 2010

This is one of the most complete sites dedicated to JD and I love it.
--Caro, July 2010

This site means a lot to all the JD fans out there for honesty and integrity in reporting and keeping his family private.
--Anonymous, July 2010

--Alejandra, July 2010

I've just spent some highly enjoyable time browsing your website - it is fabulous indeed. Thank you for the work your team has done to create and maintain such a beautiful website for such a beautiful man!
--Janet, June 2010

I'm a gal who's very happy to have found your site. It's quite a relief to find people who respect him and his family as artists and people. The no paparazzi-policy is brilliant; he deserves his privacy as well as everyone else. Thank you for respecting Johnny's talent, his privacy, his intelligence and warmth - in doing so you also respect us fellow admirers and that is such a rarity these days!:-) Well done all around, I'm proud to count myself among you!
--Annika, May 2010