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Mika Kaurismaki directed this British-French-Finnish romantic comedy adapted from Richard Rayner's autobiographical novel about a series of Hollywood misadventures. Vacationing in the North of England, aspiring Los Angeles actress Barbara (Vinessa Shaw) stops briefly in a village where she meets town undertaker and obit writer Richard (David Tennant) -- who just can't stop thinking about her. Flying to California, Richard arrives at the Japanese restaurant where Barbara is a waitress, and a relationship begins -- while Richard learns about Hollywood at the hands of various hustlers and agents. Shown at the 1998 Toronto Film Festival. (Source: Product Description)

Director: Mika Kaurismaki

Cast: David Tennant, Vinessa Shaw, Saskia Reeves, Vincent Gallo, Julie Delpy, Johnny Depp makes a cameo appearance.

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Quotes from Johnny Depp:

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"For me Johnny Depp represents Hollywood at its best. He is very down to earth and makes his own decisions, but he is still a big star. He doesn't give his life over to any agents."
-- Mika Kaurismaki
A Modern Rebel by Brian J Robb

"When Johnny came on the set, there was a definite air of muted hysteria going on. He is a huge international star and there's no reason why they shouldn't get excited about it. But he is decidedly down to earth. Very laid-back about it all."
--David Tennant

"In a sense, Johnny was doing a favour and he enjoyed coming in and doing his little cameo".
--David Tennant