Johnny Depp, the Writer

A collection of published articles and introductions written by Johnny Depp.

Updated July 29, 2014

Gimme Shelter
Forward written by Johnny Depp
July, 2014
Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes - Four Decades of Filmmaking
Forward written by Johnny Depp
December 17, 2013

Artist Photo
Basquiat Art Exhibition Catalog
"Basquiat Paintings-for Enrico-under the influence of pork"
by Johnny Depp
Paris, 2003

Blow by Blow
Introduction to Ted Demme's "Blow by Blow"
by Johnny Depp
April 13, 2001

Burton on Burton
Foreword to Mark Salisbury's "Burton on Burton"
by Johnny Depp
September, 1994

Burton on Burton (Revised Edition)
Foreword to Mark Salisbury's "Burton on Burton" (Revised Edition)
by Johnny Depp
May, 2005

Promotional Photo
Christie's Auction Catalogue
For the Personal Property of Marlon Brando
by Johnny Depp
June 30, 2005

Introduction by Johnny Depp
Sept. 5, 2006

Rolling Stone
"A Pair of Deviant Bookends"
Tribute to Hunter S. Thompson
by Johnny Depp
March 24, 2005

Rolling Stone
"The Night I Met Allen Ginsberg"
by Johnny Depp
July 8, 1999